Frankenstein And The Monster In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein, uses neglect, rejection, and the fact that the creature represents a shadow of Victor’s past to create a never ending conflict between Victor and the monster. This causes the death of Victor’s closest friends and family to be murdered by the creature who had suffered since the start of his life. Upon the creation of the monster, Victor flees his apartment to escape the horrors he had just witnessed. The creature was left alone without an explanation or knowledge of why Victor would leave. Not knowing what to do, the creature goes off to explore the world he was brought into. The nights were cold and the people were cruel. The monster did not have harmful intentions when he set out to explore the world …show more content…
Although the monster isn’t biologically Victor’s son, he can be seen that way through everything he undergoes. The creature is like the shadow from Victor’s past who repeats all of the suffering inflicted upon others. In this case it is different because everything is directed towards Victor. Although Victor never killed anyone, he caused those to suffer around him through his selfishness and unhealthy habits. Everyone worries about him and he leaves them in the dark about what is happening to him. The first murder of Victor’s brother William catches his attention and starts to become more aware of the conflict he has created. The monster brings physical pain to others by strangling them to death and Victor lives with the guilt. They are very similar which is why they share hatred for each other. Two beings with the same hatred yet different motives couldn't possibly get along. All Victor wants to do is forget the past and the monster’s existence prevents him from doing so. Victor lives with the torment and cannot seem to enjoy life anymore. He relives his past every single day that the creature exists which adds to the never ending cycle of

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