Dangerous Knowledge In Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

Dangerous Knowledge
Knowledge is something necessary in life to understand the world. But too much of anything can be bad and lead to your doom. Knowledge can be as deadly as good to society. This thirst of knowledge is also found in Victor Frankenstein and Robert Walton in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Shelley shows that this behavior draws them away from the ones they love, and both men try to attempt to go beyond human limits to receive glory and knowledge. Knowledge can be very dangerous because it can lead to isolation from others, it can harm his loved ones and the public and it can cost your life.
When Victor Frankenstein turns to his teenage years, he is interested in the natural world. Victor’s heroes were Cornelius Agrippa,
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When Victor sees the body, he grows a feeling of disgust and horror for his creation. He goes to bed and has a horrible dream and decides to walk in the streets of Ingolstadt but he keeps thinking that his Creation his behind him. Shelley shows that Victor is abandoning his creation like how a mother abandons their child. This abandonment leaves the Creation with nobody to help him develop and nobody to love him. In the 1931 movie Frankenstein, the Creation kills Victor’s assistant named Fritz and also kills Dr. Waldman. This resulted because Fritz was attacking the monster and Dr. Waldman tries to destroy the Creation by dissecting it but the Creation wakes up and strangles Dr. Waldman to death. The Creation encounters a little girl named Maria. Maria is polite towards the Creation and started throwing flowers into the pond with the Creation. The Creation thinks that it is okay to throw the little Maria into the pond and she drowns. James Whale proves that Victor’s creation is a danger to his loved ones and others. When Victor acquires this knowledge, it does more harm than good. The Creation will eventually come after Victor and his adopted …show more content…
After he learned how to read and understand words, he read excerpts of his Creator’s journal. He found out that Victor was disgusted by him when he first came to life. This comment by Victor increased his hatred for Victor. Eventually, the monster goes to Victor to confront him. The Creation asks for a female mate from Victor. Victor agrees to this request with regret. He goes to his laboratory to create the female mate. But the Creation demands Victor to use Justine’s body and Victor refuses. Victor breaks his promise and abandons the experiment. The Creation vows to be at Victor’s wedding night. When Victor marries Elizabeth, as Victor’s gets closer to his doom. Shortly after the marriage, Victor’s father Baron is killed by the Creation. This news keeps Victor alarmed as he puts Elizabeth in the bedroom. As Victor and the search team look for the Creation; the creature gains access to the bedroom and rips Elizabeth’s heart out. Victor quickly brings Elizabeth’s dead body back home and puts her with Justine’s body. He brings her back to life and the Creation comes to take Elizabeth as his bride but Victor wouldn’t let that happen. Elizabeth sets herself on fire because she is terrified of herself. The movie goes back to the Arctic Circle where Victor eventually dies. Victor met his doom after he tried for so long to reveal life’s biggest secret. This lust

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