How Far Do You Agree That the Most Important Cause of the Revolution in February 1917 Was the Great War

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How far do you agree that the most important cause of the revolution in February 1917 was the Great War?
The February revolution which occurred in 1917 was the result of several causes, one of which being World War 1; in my opinion, it was the most important trigger. The Great War was the cause of Russia becoming financially dependent on Britain and France, decreasing the prestige the Tsar once held. Russia was unable to sustain its wealth due to the extreme costs the War brought: Anger rose within the people and with 85% of the army containing surfs that were losing their loyalty towards the Tsar, a revolution was inevitable.
The war encouraged the breakdown of the autocratic way of ruling, but Tsar Nicholas was unqualified to
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December in 1916 was not a successful month for the Tsar, as Russia suffered terribly from the attacks from Germany - 1.6 million soldiers died, 3.9 million wounded, and 2.4 million had been taken prisoner. Considering that during 1914, the country had militarized 5.3 million men (only 9% of the population), and the drastic change from this small percentage to the 15.3 million men in 1916 who were having military service experience, suggests that Russia was in dire need of more people to maintain their loyalty towards the Tsar in order to win the war- especially as the vast majority of the army consisted of peasants. The transformation of Russia within just 2 years was massive, with the cost of fighting the war and maintaining the now-large armed force creating a huge strain on the Tsar and Government. Furthermore, more problems arose when the National Budget rose; the country had to other option than to borrow money and take loans from France and Britain. Despite doing this, the Russian government still had to print excess money in order to pay for the war; however this only led to inflation, which

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