How Enzymes Used The Scientific Method Essays

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The objective of this lab was to see how enzymes were used, use the scientific method, and how enzymes are affected by temperature.
Proteins which constitute enzymes in their final form are macromolecules that make up large amounts of living organism which are called polymers which are made up of many different monomers. An enzyme is a biological catalyst that increases the rate of a reaction by lowering activation energy. Activation energy that the enzyme uses id an energy barrier that must be overcome before a chemical reaction can proceed (Lecture, 4/28). Enzymes are very specific and only work with one particular substance called a substrate molecule using an activation site, this is called the Lock and Key Theory (Lecture 4/28). The lock and key theory, which is what the enzyme uses, is where the substrate attaches to the enzyme to create an enzyme-substrate complex. Once this is created, they will break apart and the substrate then turns into two products, then the cycle repeats. The activity of enzymes is affected by environmental conditions, including pH, reaction time, and temperature. When an enzyme is broken down by environmental factors like extreme heat it is called denaturation. After an enzyme is denatured, it permanently loses its ability to catalyze a reaction. Denaturation is when the protein when unravels, losing its structure and its function (Reece et al.,, 2015). Enzymes can also be affected by reduced temperature which then affects to…

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