How E Commerce Can Provide Services For Their Customers Essay

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Describe three ways e-commerce can provide services for its customers. For each service method identified, please provide two examples

When providing service, the seller and the buyer have to be present simultaneously for it to render, real-time service and support should be available for customer’s convenience. Automation of service bypasses most limitation and challenges that traditional service marketers stumble upon. The e-commerce can provide services for its customers considering three unique characteristics: intangibility, simultaneity, and heterogeneity.

Managing intangibility
Services are something that marketers cannot show to a customer. Services are intangible; unlike products they cannot be seen or touched. Even though service is intangible, marketers have to give evidence of what the customer is going to get. For example, when a customer applies online for a bank account in, the bank provides detailed information of terms and conditions, maintenance fees, overdraft policies, how to order checks, how to make online deposits, etc. Once the customer concludes with the application and has provided all the personal information, the bank assigns an account number and emails the customer all the information together with the account number. With the account number, the customer can create a website account and make online deposits and transfers. In addition to the email, the bank sends to the customer printed information with the account number…

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