How Does Writing Could Be So Difficult? Essay

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I found it hard to understand how writing could be so difficult. Other subjects usually introduce radically new concepts as you progress to higher level courses, unlike English which appears to have the same elements taught consecutively since elementary school. My parents lack of knowledge of the English language also unfortunately made me fall behind other students who were born into an English speaking family. My mother would occasionally tell me “maybe you can teach me English one day,” and I still cling on to that statement. It became arduous to get some school work done as I could only depend upon my sister who was four years older, and of course this took a toll on my writing. I also remember the time when the teacher would ask “who needs a Spanish copy” and I would raise my hand. This was normal at least until I got old enough to be able to read the school notices myself and translate what they said to my parents. Although my parents were never afforded a formal education I have always felt a sense of responsibility to fulfill that learning gap, and to take advantage of the fact that I was privileged enough to be able to write and read in English; even though I continue to struggle with my writing. In second grade I was in a bilingual class, and I recall this teacher coming into class one day on the second week of school with a paper tugged underneath her arm. She came to each one of us individually asking us to pronounce these certain words that were on that…

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