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For many incoming freshman the idea of sitting down in an English class and being asked to write an essay conjures up anxiety and stress from their high school experience. Many are bring a secret of reading and comprehension illiteracy with them to college. Currently there is a shifting definition of literacy in the United States and school districts are assuming that the issue of reading will be addressed at home. It is assumed that when a freshman enters the first day of their English 1010 course that their reading level is sufficient to complete their coursework and write coherent compositions. This assumption in incorrect and usually the freshman composition instructor is the benefactor of the problem. How does the instructor address …show more content…
This will give the instructor insight into who needs the most assistance. If the need is great then the instructor might need to adjust the syllabus to fit the needs of the entire class. One of the reasons reading comprehension is important in a composition course is because students often emulate what they read in their own writing skills. Studies have shown that writing skills evolve and improve when a student is well read. This is not saying that a student will copy the writing style of an author but they will learn to create their own style by analyzing the writing styles of others. (Morrow …show more content…
Peggy F Hopper states that in 1997 community colleges had an open door policy when it came to admitting students. Anyone with a high school diploma was admitted and was administered an entrance exam for appropriate placement in English and Math courses. Those students who did not score high enough were placed in the respective developmental studies course. This in turn was meant to prepare them for their required college courses. In present day students’ under twenty one have to present their ACT scores for admittance to a college or university and anyone older than twenty one will need to take the COMPASS test. From the scores of these exams the school will determine what course a student will be enrolled. If a student is deficient with their reading or composition skill they are called now enrolled in an enhanced English course of study. Many times the incoming student’s entrance exam scores will create a situation where they will be advised to enroll in the enhanced course. If this does not occur and the student is deficient in their reading skills as stated above the respective instructor of the English 1010 course may have the student transfer to the enhanced course at the beginning of the semester. This procedure is of course based on an individual student’s particular situation and

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