How Does the Notion of Harm Reveal Entangled Relationships Between Social Welfare and Crime Control?

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How does the notion of harm reveal entangled relationships between social welfare and crime control?

The concept of harm is a complex one, The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines the term as “hurt, damage, cause harm to” (Allen,1990,P.539). In a physical sense harm can be defined and characterised by damage caused from a war or a natural phenomenon that inflicts considerable damage upon an individual, community or nation. The notion of harm has characterised humanity since the dawn of its existence, ranging from famine and disease to war and conflict. From a Sociological perspective Harm and more specifically Well-Being are concepts that have extremely far reaching definitions, that range between the relationships between ourselves and
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Paid Employment particularly employment whereby individuals are happy doing the jobs they are tasked has another distinct positive advantage on society in general, happy workers invariably are healthy workers meaning they work for longer. (Widdowson, 2008, P66-71) As highlighted the Entanglement is a positive one the Social Welfare policy of getting people into paid employment through various different schemes has a positive effect on both life expectancy and crime control within Society.

Previously harm through the entanglement between Social Welfare and Corporate Crime Control was examined, Another example of Harm is the issue of “Slums” in increasingly Urbanized cities. Slums are defined by the United Nations as “characterized by overcrowding, poor, or informal housing, inadequate access to safe water and sanitation and insecurity of tenure” slums have become a powerful and somewhat dark symbol of the negative consequences of Globalization and Urbanization often characteristic of cities in the developing countries. According United Nations Statistics “one out of every three city dwellers- nearly one billion people lives in a slum” (Cochrane and Walters, 2008, P134). Often ripe with unemployment, crime, overcrowding, street children, poverty, violence and prostitution. The entanglement here is that certain social welfare policies to reduce overcrowding and to provide safe

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