How Does Technology Affect Teenagers

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Technology and lack of personal interaction in teens
Technology is everywhere we look, technology has filled our homes, workplaces and our children’s schools. The world is drastically different for our children than it was for us growing up. A study by the International center for media and the public agenda (ICMPA) found that “most children and teens spend 75 percent of their waking lives with their eyes fixed on a screen.” Seventy five percent, how do they have time for anything else? The ICMPA also found “students who unplugged their electronics for a 24 hour period felt extremely lonely.” Technology is having an effect on our children causing them to be less personable by ignoring a person who is right in front of them for a smart phone
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I am not aware of too many people who have not been the witness to someone who feels they are so important that they cannot put their phone down long enough to check out at Wal-Mart, go to the pharmacy to pick up medication or even see a doctor. Children model what they see, they are seeing their parents not have the courtesy to put down their phone and say hello to the person checking them out or the doctor or pharmacist who is trying to help them out with their illness. Children are mimicking this behavior, they stand in line at Walmart and text or post on facebook. In, Is social media making us anti-social, Dr. Brian Harke expresses “being present has become a notable problem as social media and new technology has evolved.” Children and teens no longer have the common courtesy of being present where they are or kindness to talk to workers who are taking care of their …show more content…
They no longer meet a girl or boy in person and become friends and then start dating, they friend someone through facebook and then ask them out and have a virtual relationship with them. They may or may not ever go out with the person on a real date. Person to person communication is becoming is becoming less common and cutting out meaningful childhood bonds. I still have friends that I speak to that I have known since elementary school, my children on the other hand have not created any lasting relationships. Communication creates these lasting relationships. Children are losing those strong emotional bonds that the older generation have. It is very difficult to form lasting emotional bonds when you are not speaking face to

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