Essay on How Does Stepdaughters Capture A Cultural Movement?

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How does “Stepdaughters” capture a cultural movement?
“Strength is between us” (Apple, 132). Encapsulated between the social norms of womanhood and the presence of strength in a mother-daughter feud, the daughter, Stephanie, participates in a sport that contradicts her gender according to her mother’s beliefs and intrusions. During the culmination of Stephanie’s athletic build and admiration of the track, her mother, Helen’s, rigid ideology towards woman has conflicted the family dynamic. Stephanie must create her own ideology, central to her values, morals, and inner beauty as she learns the real truth behind her mother’s gender conformist ways. Transitioning into a young adult, Steph must define her own aspects of womanhood through femininity and void closure bestow inside her.
In this modern culture, it is more important than ever for coming-of-age young women to have their own personal values as they can be easily conformed by whoever nurtured you. Throughout mankind, women were monoliths of beauty and housewives. They were not athletes, engineers, strong-minded, or candid in any fashion. Because of this perception Helen has built upon since youth, she vehemently expresses to her husband about vanity, “ You love me because I’m a beautiful woman {…..} No matter how ridiculous it seems, beauty and femininity are necessities {….}” (Apple, 137). Understanding Helen’s background as an Avon woman, helping other women find their outer beauty, we can understand her objections…

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