How Does Shaw Present the Relationship Between Eliza and Higgins and to What Extent Does the Audience Find It Funny.

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The myth of Pygmalion comes from the mythical Greek sculptor Pygmalion who sculpted a piece of ungraceful ivory to a stunning female statue. Shaw emphasises, social class and manners through the play of his version of Pygmalion . I will be analysing these affects and how they are comedic to the audience. At the heart of these aspects are Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle, a relationship that Shaw depicts as a romance. Shaws clever use of phonetics ephasises the broad cockney accent which suggests that Eliza is lower class. The audience give her their sympathies specifically because of her misfortunes, begging people to buy flowers off her in the rain. But we find her comic all the same. There are traits of comedy of manners and …show more content…
Shaws technique I belive, is to make the presence of Higgins felt. He wants us to imply that this is what causes the play to develop as now we have our confrontation. Higgins response to Elizas shocked and frightened one is “ there there there there who’s hurting you, you silly girl…. Shut up do I look like a policeman”. At first sight I belive Higgins is being rude with his outspokenness..But there are two ways in which the audience can perceive this ; Higgins is either rude and unsympathetic or good humored and witty. When Pygmalion was written in 1918 a relationship between a women and man would have been depicted differently by the audience of that time where womens rights and roles were different. This is where the split decision on Henry Higgins character differs from a modern and past audience. The humour I belive,is coming from Higgins’s amusing wit which, provokes the reaction from Eliza. We quickly find out that Higgins is highly intelligent as he is able to identify people’s accent and locate the areas they are from. But what strikes us the most is the reaction between himself and Eliza. Eliza does not take a liking to Higgins while the rest of the characters are in awe about his breathtaking phonetics skill. She is only one that disapproves. “ Aint nothing but a coward you are”. Which is comic as the she is the lone voice. But when Higgins hears Eliza’s language he becomes furious and

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