How Does Remuneration Affect The Employment Of Equal The Playing Field?

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Before the readings, I understood remuneration in terms of employment. I thought of it as when you are rewarded for your service via salary/wage, benefits (company car, medical and pension plans), or bonuses. Thus, I thought based on skills and experience the employee gets paid and I believe it is the human resources department that delineates the packages to the employees. I can see how remuneration is tied to oppression if we consider pay wages with respect to race, “the wealth of white households is 13 times the median wealth of black households. (…) Job applicants with white-sounding names are 50% more likely to get called back for an interview than similarly qualified applicants with black-sounding names. I think there should be an active effort to have remuneration in the context of employment to ‘equal the playing field.’ After reading, Hundreds turn out for debate over Massachusetts high school mascot, I think I mistakenly connected the two topics of this week together. We will be discussing oppression and remuneration separately. I can see how The Redman mascot would be considered offensive. Personally, I cannot believe a parent would suggest that this is the “greatest battle yet,” to preserve something that is offensive. Especially for a school, I think it should be a neutral mascot, so that no one in the community feels disrespected. I agree with the parent who said, “this is about empathy. Empathy is about when you understand and share in another person 's or…

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