How Does Parenting Style Affect Adolescent Academic Performance?

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How does parenting style affect adolescent academic performance? This is important to my life because at this point in time I have realized that a plethora of young girls in my life seem to be performing horribly, especially now that different families are experiencing tough times. Tough times can cause people to react differently to their circumstances, which can possible affect the way parents interact with their children and their styles of parenting. The course of this paper will examine if adolescents are truly affected by the actions of their parents or if their total performance falls back on the students themselves. A study conducted by Barbara Radziszewska, Jean Richardson, Clyde Dent, and Brian Flay on Parenting Style and Adolescent…Academic Achievement used a group of 3993 grade students in 2 separate counties. The researchers asked participants to complete a survey that would separate them into groups based on ethnicity, SES, gender, drug abuse, and parenting style used by their parents. Researchers found that there is a relationship between the type of parenting style that is used in the household and whether or not there is high family conflict. Having more family conflict would in turn lead to more depressive symptoms in some, which later leads to poor academic achievement. Parenting Styles an Academic Achievement: A Cross-Cultural Study conducted by Kwok Leung, Sing Lau, and Wai-Lim Lam examines 7836 11th grade adolescents in Hong Kong, the United…

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