The Importance Of The APGAR Scale

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1e) The APGAR scale is a simple test used to determine how the baby is doing at birth and to determine if it can continue on in the world without any additional medical interventions. The test is completed at 1 minute and again at 5 minutes. The test checks for: Activity, Pulse, Grimace, Appearance, and Respiration.

Each area of the test has a scale of 0-2. What, if any, interventions need to be considered is based off the test scores with a score of 7-10 being a normal healthy baby. A score of 4-6 means the child most likely need assistance in establishing breathing and other normal vital signs. A score of 3 and below means the infant needs emergency medical attention.

2a) There is little need to worry of a chubby baby
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More importantly there are important ones that can enhance their overall chances of success. The factors that directly impact a student's chance of success are: previous schooling, parent’s educational background, family income, self-motivation of students, and learning preferences

Previous schooling includes Head-Start programs and quality initial primary education. The parent's education also plays a role in child achievement in both direct and indirect ways. In a direct way studies have shown more educated parents will tend to be more involved in homework and helping their children understanding current assignments. In an indirect way a parent's education will provide for a more advantage environment and better school choices for their children. Family income plays a role in education as it provides for more resources, tutors, and potentially better school choice. Self-motivation will impact over achievement of the teenage student in allowing for a reduced stress environment and a better chance to succeed due to the student's belief that he/she can succeed if he/she tries hard enough. Lastly, the learning preference of the student will play a role in overall achievement by hindering or helping the student to absorb and process information. When a student knows were his/her strengths and weaknesses are, they can actively improve weaknesses and use strengths to supplement
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They should be aware of the warning signs of suicide. The signs they should be looking for are: Efforts to put personal affairs in order, various verbal cues making direct or indirect references to suicide, feelings of sadness and despondency, extreme fatigue, withdrawal from friends and family, easily frustrated, emotional outbursts, inability to concentrate, problems at school (drop in grades and unexplained absences), a decrease in personal grooming standards, marked increase or decrease in sleep and eating habits, and physical

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