How Does Our Cells Affect Our Body? Essay examples

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There are many possible causes, that can set off, trigger, or make cancer appear. By having abnormal gene functions, is one of the ways that helps contribute to the causing of cancer. The genes that everyone has, are all tiny little pieces of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). The instructions they give out basically help make the proteins we need to function, when it is time to destroy the damaged cells our body makes, and the last basic one is how to keep our cells in our body in balance. Three out of the many things genes control, is our hair color, eye color, and our height. It also helps affect whether you get cancer, and the chances of you getting it. Even though our cells have the same genes and chromosomes, different types of cells are use different ways. One way to show this, is that our muscle cells use a different set of genes than lets say, our skin cells; or our follicle cells use a different set of genes than our skin cells. When our genes aren’t using a cell, it is turned off and “stored away” so to speak; but when a gene is using a cell than it is turned on and activated. To have an abnormal gene is called a mutation. There are two types of a mutation; there is an acquired mutation or sometimes referred as the somatic mutation, and an inherited gene mutation. The first type of mutation is the inherited gene mutation (IGM). The IGM is found in the egg, or sperm that has formed the child. After the egg becomes fertilized, it creates a one cell called a zygote that…

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