Essay about How Does One Write?

1335 Words Oct 4th, 2015 6 Pages
How does one write? How does one write a whole essay, or a book, or anything, for that matter? There is a type of process to write anything. What is this process? What are the steps to help you get through this process? I have always struggled with writing essays and they’ve never come easily to me. I used to sit in my room, in the middle of the night, just staring at a screen, for what would feel like hours. Wondering, “When am I going to finish this paper, or even, start it?” The writing process is lengthy and has many steps, such as reading, brainstorming, creating an outline and a rough draft, editing, and finally having a final draft. These steps can help anyone write a decent and fully developed paper. Learning more about the writing process, and the steps that come with it has helped me immensely over the past few weeks. You can’t just jump into an essay and not think about what you are going to write first and if you do, that probably shouldn’t be your final draft. I love free-writing and I think it’s a great way to start any type of rough draft. As much as you don’t want to just jump into an essay you also don’t want to race to the conclusion. I have always done that, and there are some things about my, and probably many other’s, writing process that needs altering or shifting for the better. When I start my writing process I prefer the reading process to spend most of my time on. This step is crucial to obtaining critical information, whether it is taking notes…

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