How Does Much Time Teachers Make A Teacher? Essay

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Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. My grandma was a teacher, my mom was a teacher and I loved going to school. As I grew older I started to realize how much time and energy teachers put into each and every day. Reading this article reminded again just how much time teachers truly put into their job. As we looked at a day in the life of Jim, it showed how he had to plan out his day so that he would have enough time to get everything done. For example, because he was a coach in the afternoon, he had to come to school early to do his lesson planning and get everything ready for the day. He then had a full day of teaching ahead of him and practice after school. Jim also had a school activity at night that he needed to attend. This may not have been a normal day for a teacher but I realize these days happen more often than not.
This article reminded me how much time teachers spend not only with their students in the classroom but how much time they devote to their job. The article also affirmed that teachers have to put a lot of planning into every day. The story about Jim showed that for every subject Jim taught he had taken time to prepare and plan for that day. He even took time with another teacher to coordinate subjects so that what the kids were learning in one class, coincided with another class. A new idea that I had not thought about with teaching is how aware and attentive teachers need to be when they are teaching. The article talks about how Jim would…

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