Ethical Duty Of Teachers Essay

Children spend more time throughout the year with their teacher than they do with their families and “what teachers say and do every day can have a tremendous impact on the lives of their students,” (Nieto, 2006, P.3, Para. 1). That is why I believe that teachers hold one of the most influential jobs in our society. They are providing children with the necessary tools to become productive members of society. Education is essential to societies future and teachers are the practitioners that inspire the next generation to make their country a better place through their dreams. Because of this teachers are not only responsible for the students they teach, they are also responsible for the profession and the general public.

First and fore most teachers have an ethical duty to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all of their students. An effective teacher knows the importance of researching each of their students and gaining a solid understanding of the student’s background, interests, strengths, and weakness. This information is vital to how the classroom will be setup, where students will sit, rules/expectations and policies that will be utilized in the classroom, teaching techniques, and behavioral plan. In order to create a positive learning environment it is essential that the teacher incorporates diversity within the
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It is common for teachers to collaborate with colleagues when it comes to developing the curriculum for the school year. It is essential for teachers to be team players when it comes to working with one another. They need to have leadership qualities and demonstrate respect and understanding of one another. In the profession of teaching networking is essential and if a teacher wants to further their career by taking a leadership role (e.g., principal, school board member, or administration) then they need to earn the respect of their

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