How Does Healthcare Affect Health Care

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Health care is the biggest influence by numerous events today. Healthcare has adapted and change the overall look of healthcare while improving constant grey areas making healthcare adaptable to fit the needs of any populated area. Health care not only effects society but many cultures along with politics and religion. Heath basically serves as a Signiant cause to any and everybody. My paper will discuss how important healthcare and how it changes personal values and beliefs. How healthcare impacts everyone is through what we call excessive litigation. Litigation is becoming more popular through specialized, mainly nowadays we see in many advertisements talking against health care companies while broadcasting many professionals and other information …show more content…
and Canada but also research women that had mammograms along with PSA for men. I found upon my study that more test are taken for PSA for men in the U.S. then Canada meaning 79 percent of U.S. women ranging from the age of 30 to 70 have had constant mammogram compared to 70 percent of women who live in Canada. The United States also has more experience with technology that has MRI machines along with CT scans. These gives the US higher levels of screening and understanding what is need to be done by doing more examining by studying the number of death rates in cancer. As we examine today more people are dying from caner than any other disease cancer is the highest killing rate next to people who die from HIV. From just looking over everything I was able to conclude that many doctors today look at all the best methods to create higher levels of screening for the 5 types of cancer creating software and using technology to catch on to these diagnoses early. I have someone I look after who almost like family and he has stage 3 bone cancer, some days he will feel fine and some days he will not even get out of bed. I’ve seen the various treatments he done and the processes that has happen on his body. So I can definitely understand while doctors try to do all they can do to find cures and help chemo patients get through chemotherapy. I definitely agree based on my beliefs and values that although America and Canada are somewhat equal on the tax payer system that if we adopted some of Canada tax payer system we see changes in the U.S. maybe longer health rates, and less people dying we definitely see a bigger change in the

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