How Does Different Levels of Pollution in Streams or Ponds Affect Macro Invertebrate Species?

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How does Different Levels of Pollution in Streams or Ponds Affect Macro invertebrate Species? Organisms without back bones are Macro Invertebrate species (Seminole.Wateratlas.Usf.Edu ,2012) . These organisms are small but can be seen without a magnifying glass (Waitakere.Govt.Nz , 2002) . Size ranges from 3-20mm long (Waitakere.Govt.Nz , 2002) .Insects, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, leeches, and anemones are classified a Macro invertebrate species (Waitakere.Govt.Nz , 2002). Streams that are free from pollution will contain a variety of these animals. Streams that have higher pollution levels will less of these animals. Macro invertebrates that live in the stream can determine information about the stream. These organisms can …show more content…
The fish rely on invertebrates to for food (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). A pond with few of these animals will result in the fish dying off. Factors that determine where invertebrates live include: tree removal, erosion, piping streams underground, straightening streams, flow reduction, and water pollution. Tree removal can cause the water to get hot or warmer (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). These animals can only live in cold water (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). Removing the trees can also result in starvation because less leaves are around for the invertebrate to eat. Invertebrates only eat good algae (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). A bad alga starts to form because of the lack of shade from no trees and prevents good algae from growing (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). In some cases the bad algae will cover the whole stream. Some of the organisms live in the trees. The trees being removed will cause some invertebrates to have no place to live (Waitakere.Govt.Nz, 2002). Erosion causes sediment to form on the side of the streams (Waitakere.Govt.Nz , 2002). The sediment falls into the water onto the plants living in the stream. This sediment covering the plant will cause the plant to die (Waitakere.Govt.Nz , 2002). The reason for this is due to the lack of sunlight the plant is receiving because it is covered with dirt. If the plants in the stream die off, invertebrates will have less food to eat. The dirt can get stuck in the gills of the fish or some invertebrates that have

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