How Does Arthur Miller Use Religion In The Crucible

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The Selfishness of Religion Arthurs Millers play, The Crucible, highlights the display of religion that took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 and resulted in the now infamous Salem Witch Trials. Although the play is fiction, Miller portrayed a realistic use of religion for personal gain by making parallel examples of the characters of the play to actual religious conquests throughout history. Throughout the play, numerous characters use religion for their advantage and their own benefit. Abigail Williams is a very jealous and psychedelic girl who is envious of Elizabeth Proctor’s relationship with John Proctor. Abigail hates Elizabeth for firing her and taking her away from close proximity from Elizabeth’s husband, in which she had an affair with. Abigail thinks that she is a “cold, sniveling woman,” and is not as good for John as she would be (Miller 205). Abigail cares more about herself than the marriage between Elizabeth and John. She lusts for John, which is a sin, and drinks a blood to cast a charm upon Elizabeth. Abigail eventually accuses Elizabeth, along with many other towns peoples witchcraft, which will eventually get the, hanged and killed. Abigail Williams uses fear of religion in an attempt to get what she wants. Similar to Abigail’s use of accusation, Rev. Parris is unwilling to put his power of the church in jeopardy, so he …show more content…
John Proctor asks Marry Warren to stand before the court and testify that the young women “never saw Satan” but were “marvelous pretenders” (Miller 191). Danforth asks Proctor “what is your purpose,” to Proctor’s response, is to free his wife Elizabeth (Miller 184). Danforth become defensive and suspicious and believes Proctor’s “purpose is somewhat larger’ than merely trying to free his wife (Miller 185”. Danforth did not want anyone to hear testimony that might weaken his court and bring uncertainty about his

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