How Does An Individual 's Relationship With Another Affect Their Journey?

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How does an individual’s relationship with another affect their journey to discovery?
Comparative essay

Fictional literature enables readers to gain knowledge about the world, through transportation to alternate places and times, potentially resulting in a sense of enlightenment. This discovery may be catalysed by familial relationships or friendships, as demonstrated in a comparison of Snowflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See and The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night Time [The Curious Incident] by Mark Haddon. Set in 19th century China where traditions dictate the country, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan exhibits an individual’s journey and how it is formed by their interpersonal relationships, similar to The Curious Incident, which reflects the author’s experiences. Lisa See’s Snowflower and the Secret Fan portrays a protagonist who holds strong kinships with a sworn sister, conveying the values of friendships. However, contrastingly in Haddon’s The Curious Incident, it is instead the protagonist’s divorced father that engenders him to embark on a trip to discovery. Thus, it can be seen that interpersonal relationships are essential in an individual’s journey to discovery.

Snowflower and the Secret Fan and The Curious evidently conveys the magnitude of the relationship between an individual and a sworn sister. The structure of the text, in the form of a recount on the narrator’s life, gives a personal stance on how instrumental one’s relationship with another…

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