How Does Advertising Play Shaping Culture? Essay

3378 Words Oct 5th, 2014 14 Pages
In contemporary society, what role does advertising play in shaping culture? Researchers, scholars, and media critics have strongly identified advertising as an analytical approach to offer products and services to the consumers. However, advertising is also seen as an important method of social communication within society. Advertising is central to the processes through which our desires are activated. Fifty years ago the methods of communication for advertising were limited to newspapers and radio. With the advancement of technology and media, communication can function using broader, more affordable and direct targeting methods. The rise in accessibility to media heightens audiences exposure to advertising causing higher consumption, of products because they are no longer restricted to the shelves at the mall. Contemporary advertising agencies target specific audiences by associating the product with an identity or culture. This persuades people into consuming products because the advertising methods are identifying with the audiences needs. This is the core argument that outlines the concepts and methods used by advertisers. This research illustrates and clearly defines the issues, methods and effects resulting from a modern society that is saturated with media and advertising. Most importantly it reveals how the impact these effects have on a media dependant society. Some of the negative effects include aiding the causes of youth consumption of drugs and…

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