How Do You Keep Track Of Your Homework Tasks? Essay

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1. How do you keep track of your homework tasks? (Please describe your strategy in detail)

I keep mental notes of all set homework tasks and school assignments in a priority tier. This means I prioritize remembering summative assignments and do usually forget about set homework assignments. I keep track of summative assignments by checking SEQTA and placing deadline dates in an iCloud calendar. Set homework assignments are usually not worried about over the week but I am aware that I do have them most of the time. Because I do forget about formative homework, I usually end up cramming it all within a short amount of time and not learning much from the work I’m doing. I don’t think this system is very effective as this usually puts on a lot of stress on myself and I don’t always end up getting the overall grade I could achieve. In future years with a larger workload and more things to ‘remember’ I think that there is higher chance of me forgetting assignments and missing deadlines.

2. When and how has this system failed you? (Please describe how often this has occurred and what happened when it did. For example, did you forget deadlines or not allow yourself enough time to produce your best work?).

My memory is quite good so I don’t usually forget about assignments, but I sometimes forget about when to hand them in. This has only happened 2 – 3 times over the past 2 years. One instance where this happened was a summative history assignment that was due at midday the day…

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