Essay on How Do We Know That Children Survive Better? Foster Care?

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How do we know that children survive better in foster care? Who chooses whether they belong in the child care system? These are a couple of the questions that many people ask when they think about foster care. Foster care started in the middle of the 19th century by a man named Charles Loring Brace. Brace would take children off the streets and place them in homes around the state. (Tyler and Melander) Once people realized that this was a good way to get kids off the street, then they started the foster care system. There are 250,000 children that enter the foster care system each year. Of those 250,000 roughly 20,000 are still yet to be adopted. (Faber) Children are placed in foster care for a vast amount of reasons: sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, drug parents and/or neglect. Some parents see the child as a problem and place them in foster care because they cannot handle them. (Craft) Child services will do whatever it takes to allow the kids to have as good of a life that they possibly can. Foster care is a tough situation to be in, and it cannot always be the best option for some children. Although there are no easy solutions, it is critical that mental health needs are factored in for young children. (Troutman, Ryan, and Cardi)You must also remember that the child is sensitive and looking to be accepted – foster care may not be the answer. Foster care causes children pain, depression, and anger instead of the happiness, love, and care that they…

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