How Do People Adapt The Way They Speak When They Are Speaking?

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How do people adapt the way they speak when they are speaking?

Spoken language is a powerful way in which a man or lady can make a change the minds of other human beings, it allows them to express feelings and emotion and also can deter a certain human beings mind whether it for the good or bad, it allows our body and brain to make a choice through spoken language. Spoken language comes from a certain person idiolect, sociolect and also dialect, knowledge and the use of language does not come naturally it builds up by where you have been born? Where you have grown up, weather its staying in a certain place for 15 years or maybe just 2 weeks, people adapt the way in they speak naturally through their idiolect and also sociolect.
Spoken language can also inspire others, changing their minds in which naturally there body just wants to agree to, it uses emotion and feeling to get through to our fellow companions. Wars and campaigns are started through spoken language for example martin Luther king, “now it’s a time to make justice a reality for all of god’s children.” Spoken language just doesn’t get through to individuals it can get through to a whole nation, making a change for the better. It can generally change the future and also the present, it is a word of mouth that is used to great effect.
The way in which we as a person change our speech in different context occurs naturally with just some modification. Context changes through who or what you speak to for…

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