GMO Argument Paper

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GMOs protect the environment and they protect a person’s pocketbook. They are economically favorable for both the producer and the consumer. When people go to the grocery store, they look for the cheapest product that fits their needs and wants. With GMOs, these essential products, such as fruits, vegetables, and clothing, remain affordable. Scientists apply genetic engineering technology to seeds, and insert genes to make them withstand harsh growing conditions. If it is a rainy year or too dry, if it is too hot or too cold, GMOs produce the same in all conditions. Rotman (2014) writes, “For farmers, the effects of climate change can be simply put: the weather has become far more unpredictable, and extreme weather has become far more …show more content…
They claim that GMOs give more power to big businesses. First of all, the only reason that they think this is true is because that is what their political party tells them. There are no facts that support their claim. Also, large seed companies, such as Monsanto, have very little power because the government can regulate them. Monsanto cannot do whatever it wants because the government does not allow it. If the only reason a person forms their opinion is because of political reasons, he should rethink his argument and support it with facts. Another popular comment an anti-GMO person makes is that GMOs create market power which causes local, small businesses to decline. This assertion is incorrect because most small farmers want to reduce costs as much as possible. There is no question that GM seeds reduce the total costs for any farmer because of all the advancements that scientists wrap up in each seed they engineer. GMOs require little to no pesticide and herbicide application, which decreases the volume of chemicals a farmer buys. Similarly, the seeds are resistant to unfit growing conditions and are more productive, which increases the total profits. Overall, GMOs improve both small and large businesses because they reduce the total costs and increase the total

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