How Did Printing Affect The World? Essay

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 Venice monopolized 1/8th of all printed books
 Illustrations increased book sales
 How did printing affect the world?
 Governments printed laws, declarations of war, and propaganda
 Book banning and illegal book smuggling occurred
 Mass publication of the Bible
Art and the Artist/Art and Power
 The 3 capitals of renaissance art : Florence, Rome, and Venice
 During the Middle Ages and 1400s, the main subject of art was religion
 Religious art pieces were created to keep people in the Faith
 Oligarchies and patrons began to support the Arts
 Art displayed the power and wealth of families and businesses
 The Medici family spent about 663,755 gold florins on art over a span of 35 years
 Palaces and private chapels were furnished with carved furniture, paintings, and sculptures to signify wealth
 During the 15th century, the Medici family was the only family in Florence that owned a private chapel until the late 1500s
The Northern Renaissance
 The Northern Renaissance occurred north of the Alps
 The Northern arts were more religious and they did NOT create pagan art. They emphasized early Biblical Christian themes
 The North Renaissance was driven by religious reform; they wanted to return to the old Christian ways
 Northern Europeans used reason: scientific method vs. dogma: a set of beliefs that a group holds to be true
 Europeans rebel against the Papal Protestant Reformation
Subjects and Style
 Renaissance paintings inspired by the classics…

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