John Hatcher's The Aftermath Of The Black Death In England

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Review essay:
The articles compared within this essay are John Hatcher’s ‘The Aftermath of the Black Death in England’ alongside James Westfall Thompson’s ‘The Aftermath of the Black Death and the Aftermath of the Great war’. Both articles discuss the economic impact of the Black Death, Hatcher’s focus is on England and the misconceptions of stability in England. With his main argument concerning whether the aftermath of the Black Death was truly a state of crisis and the inevitability of this disease. Whilst Thompson explores how the people throughout Europe were impacted and how the continent dealt with the crisis, with his argument taking a alternative approach focusing more on how the structure of societies began to transform and reshape themselves during this era, providing a broader perspective. In
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It is worth noting Hatcher and Thompson have both previously written on their topic and can therefore be trusted with their knowledge.
Hatcher’s article explores the recovery of England following the plague and the reality of the daily life of survivors. The common topic discussed in the black death is based upon lack of medical knowledge of the time and how the disease could spread so widely, something mentioned by Rosemary Horrox in the introduction of her book discussing the Black Death, who talks on the horrors experienced by the victims and the fear of knowing the plague was due to arrive . However,

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