How Did Hadrian Build The Roman Empire

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The Roman Military connects to a lot of things because if the Roman Empire did not have the military power they had, the Roman Empire would not have conquered as many places as they did. Most emperors either lead or fought in the army like Julius Caesar, Aurelian, Vespasian, Augustus and Hadrian.

Hadrian was good emperor because he admired the Greek architecture and he established cities throughout the Balkan Peninsula, Egypt, Asia Minor and Greece. To prevent the military troops from becoming restive Hadrian established intense drills and personally inspected the army. Hadrian threatened the army and taught them discipline. Hadrian also had war games made and he would give speeches to the army. Hadrian also had the archers and horseback riders systemized and introduced them to specialized tactics like dealing with infiltrators and skirmishers. Hadrian made the Pantheon which was originally built by Agrippa but burnt down in 80 A.D. so Hadrian rebuilt it and it is among the best -preserved of Rome's ancient buildings and was very influential to many of the great architects of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque periods. Hadrian also demanded the uses of togas and he ordered that the genders would be separated in public baths. Hadrian was also fair to slaves because he ordered that masters could not kill or torture the slave and masters could not sell their slaves to gladiator trainer. Hadrian also created prisons. He built libraries, aqueducts, baths and theaters. So this is why Hadrian was a good leader.

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