Essay on How Depression Affects Our Lives

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The life of people should be built around a strong and healthy support system. At the beginning of life, were under our mothers (swaddling or being breastfed), staying connected and close to loved ones is important. The social support should start from the beginning of life into adulthood. A healthy social support is a must, not having that close feeling of love and support can impact a person negatively. A person can develop depression if they do not have that support system. Everyone has had their share of feeling down, but people with depression, feel bad every day. Depression can impact their everyday life, this term is associated with the lack of confidence and self-esteem, and with the inability to express strong feelings. It is believed that depression is the result of a person harboring anger (repressing anger) from a past event. The person feels that he/she is unable to handle a past situation or handle situations that arise in everyday life. A person being secure with themselves is important if they want a good quality of life. Social support should be looked at closely in young teenagers entering a wonderful phase of life, adulthood. Research has proven that social support can have a positive or negative impact in controlling psychological problems. Psychological problems could be a number of problems, including depression, stress, and anxiety as I stated earlier. Social support helps young adults that have been through traumatic experiences. The level of…

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