How Dating Has Changed Throughout The Years Essay

1117 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
I remember when I was a little girl, I would ask my grandmother how she met my grandfather. She told me they met by mutual friends. But, something sparked between them when they first saw each other face to face. She called it “true love”. She described every detail from the first time they started to date to the moment they started growing old together, until my grandfather died. But she still loved him with all her heart even after he passed away. Now a days, dating is mostly online and not face to face like how it use to be. There’s not the same spark as meeting someone face to face. I look around and I see people on their electronic devices trying online dating or not even looking at the person they are with. They have a screen blocking the connection between them and the other person. The only people I see talking face to face are older generations on dates or even just talking. It’s amazing how much dating has changed throughout the years. Online dating is the most common way to meet someone online and start dating them. Relationships offline do happen but not always often. However, people start to rely on online dating. There are over 40 million single people in the U.S that have tried online dating. When someone signs up for online dating, they have millions of people to choose from and go through their profile to see what they have in common and interest. People believe that this is the best way to get to know someone. Problem is, they are not all the time meeting…

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