Essay on How College Is Expensive Enough

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College is expensive enough. The average public university tuition costs close to 10,000 dollars per year. Now throw in the cost of textbooks adding another 1,000 to the already colossal ten grand students are already paying and you have enough debt to make any well off student cry. Paying this debt off can take upwards of eighteen years. This time could be reduced greatly if universities changed the way we deal with textbooks. To reduce stress, time spent getting books sorted, and the amount of money students are spending professors need to make textbooks online and only charge students copyright fees.
Throughout a student 's high school career they will hear repeatedly how important college is for their future careers. Something they sparred to mention while chanting this mantra is that you are going to spend a quarter of your life trying to pay off this necessary component to having a good future. In a 2007 survey researchers discovered that 73% of responders listed money as a significant source of stress in their lives. ( Stress in America: Our Health at Risk. (2012, January 11). American Psychological Association.) Having the burden of debt from student loans isn’t reducing this stress. Significant amounts of stress can lead to bigger issues later in life such as anxiety, depression, and being put at high risk for heart attacks. (Feature, J. (n.d.). Debt-Stress Connection: Are Money Woes Making You Sick and Tired? Retrieved September 8, 2015.) Reducing the amount of…

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