The Importance Of Guidelines For College Students

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College can be a very scary time for a student; however it doesn’t have to be. By learning a few strategically placed guidelines that you can use from day one with college, the student can make their college experience more pleasurable. The first guideline would be to use good time management, the second guideline would be to know your correct class schedule. The third guideline would be to know your campus environment. The first guideline you would use is found in time management. Many students find themselves with the problem of getting to their classes on time. Others find themselves in the wrong class. Then there are some students who say I don’t where I need to be. Every student who has ever attended a college, and currently attend a college has faced the same challenges. There are several guidelines you the student can begin using before classes to help you avoid these problems. To achieve this goal here are a few ideas to help. First get a white board, calendar, or notebook. Write down all of your classes. Make note of all of the times of your classes and your days with no classes. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of space in between to be filled in with your class schedule. Mark on your calendar the dates of exams. Each class will give you their course syllabus, stating …show more content…
To ensure your success with your college, speak to your adviser. Upon speaking to your adviser you will know the correct classes of your major. The chance of you taking the wrong classes are extremely high. By skipping this important step, you will bring more stress, time, and cost of extra classes onto yourself. NEVER! Skip talking to your adviser. Their guidance and knowledge ensures you a successful college experience. Now that you have spoken to your adviser, you are correctly registered for your

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