How Classroom Experiences Shaped Your Interest Essay

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How have classroom experiences shaped your interest in your major? What experiences outside of the classroom have helped develop this interest? What other influences (culture, community, family, etc.) have steered you toward this major? How is your intended major tied to your long-term goals?
Business or a related major ties directly to my long-term goals and the future growth of my family 's small business. About six years ago, my mother opened The Pink Door Salon after gaining a vast amount of experience through her role as an International Master Trainer for the hair color company Davines. She built the hair salon for my sister and me to have a launching pad into our respective fields. The success of my family 's hair salon is due to my mother 's business savvy.
Working closely with my mother on details within the hair salon, I have been able to observe how a business should operate. Attending a University of California will be a key stepping stone to my success. Learning the theory behind majoring in a business related field will continue to allow me to implement and reinforce what I have learned directly from my family 's functioning business to help it become a more successful venture. For example, in my Business Law class this semester, I learned that corporations must have well documented annual board meetings. My parents were not aware of the importance of said meetings until I brought it to their attention. Thanks, to my experience as President of Alpha Gamma Sigma…

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