How Cellphones Have Impacted Social Norms Essay

1396 Words May 10th, 2016 null Page
Cellphones have come a long way in popularity and use since they came out. But how we use them today has affected society on a grander scale. The purpose of this essay is to prove how cellphones have impacted social norms. To be more specific, how the line between personal and work life has been blurred. A closer look into how everyday aspects of our lives have changed due to cellphones, as well as how work and school life has changed will support this point. First of all, cellphones have affected the norms of which we carry out daily activities in our personal lives. The way we communicate and travel are two examples of daily necessities that have been altered by the exposure of cellphones. The instant and constant communication that cellphones render available have shown that many people are not only building relationships with the person they are communicating with, but also with the device itself. It becomes like a friend (Gant & Kiesler, 2002, pp.125-127). An inseparable bond is created with the device and the user as they learn they always have some piece of safety or time filler when no one else is around. Communication has changed by becoming constantly available. Cellphones were found to be ridding the time of no social interaction (Gant & Kiesler, 2002, p.127). All the while, having this freedom to communicate at any time, it has allowed people to do other things involving face to face interaction and leaving the office to spend time away from the job (Gant &…

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