Essay on How Can You Get A Piece Of This Pie?

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Based on Forrester’s report, “consumers will be spending $414 billion online by 2018, a 57.4 percent increase from 2013.”

How can you get a piece of this pie?

Well, customers expect value. They understand that businesses are fighting for their attention.

Moreover, customers realize that poor service, no sales help, and an inadequate checkout experience isn’t a quality online shopping experience. Other options exist, like your competitors.

With this customer-centric shift, it’s up to SaaS teams to focus on consumer behavior to reign in more sales.

Create new paths of positive interactions. Observe why people buy from your company in the first place. And understand how to offer continuous value.

Transform how you approach consumer behavior. Here are five ways to increase your conversions:

1. Sell Memories
People don’t actually buy products and services. We buy experiences that leave lasting memories.

Jennifer Aaker (@aaker), the General Atlantic Professor of Marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business, says, “Because a person’s experience with a product tends to foster feelings of personal connection with it, referring to time typically leads to more favorable attitudes—and to more purchases.”

Yes, ProFlowers sells flowers year-round. But in order to generate a buzz and profits, they equate flowers to events. For example, flowers are usually associated with special occasions, like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and baby showers.

Basing your product solely…

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