How Can We Be Happy While We Are Facing A Challenge? Essay

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I have been wondering what the purpose of my life is.

Everyone can have unique purpose of life. Yet generally the purpose of life is to become happy and to fully enjoy every single moment we live.

It sounds weird, at least, unrealistic given the fact that we are through variety of challenges, problems, or deals, etc. How can we be happy while we are facing a challenge after challenge on a daily basis?

Regardless you are facing a severe challenge at this moment or in the middle of a very uncomfortable or even agonizing situation, you can be happy spiritually.


As far as you can flip your thought in such a way that you can positively look at what you are currently experiencing at this moment regardless it is a positive experience or negative, you will be able to feel it as a meaningful or even valuable moment to your life. Then you would appreciate it or even enjoy it.

It still sounds very unrealistic to me. How can can it be possible to flip you thought in such a way that you described?

Regard what you are experiencing as raw material you ca use or even utilize to make yourself grow and become a stronger and better person. Instead of passively accepting your negative experience, by positively and actively using your negative experience you will be able to train your mind and forge your spirit. Don 't be misled! What annoys you or what makes you suffer doesn 't change yet what it means to you by flipping your thought. What matters is how you perceive it and how you…

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