How Bill Gates Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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Our experiences make us who we are. It can change our lives in an instant if we allow it to. Many people throughout history had experiences that changed the outcome of their future, whether it was ultimately dedicating their lives towards cancer awareness, improving medicine, advocating human rights, or making technology widespread. The ambition and passion of a person is characterized by the unique experiences they built as a child.
Bill Gates was fortunate to be born into a respected family. His dad was a distinguished lawyer and his mom served on the board of her university and several well-known companies. As a child, he was an insatiable reader. He went to a private school which also happened to be one of the first schools ever to have computers for students to use. Through this, he learned how to code programs earlier than most people his age have touched computers, which gave him a tremendous advantage when he started Microsoft. At 15 years old, he built and sold Traf-o-Data with Paul Allen. It was a company that oversaw traffic patterns in his town of Seattle.
As for Steve Jobs, he tended to be a loner during the early stages of his life. At 12 years old, he had joined the Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club. Through his, he saw his first computer, in addition to other products made by engineers at HP. It was during this time that he decided he wants to work on computers.
I was born into a family with a CPA for my dad, and a nurse for my mom. My dad has his own firm that…

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