How Bedside Shift Report Can Increase Both Patient And Family Satisfaction Rates During Hospitalization

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Summary: The guideline that I chose to review discusses how bedside shift report can increase both patient and family satisfaction rates during hospitalization. The study was done and funded by Cincinnati Children 's Hospital Medical Center. The method used was a search of electronic databases ranging from PubMed, Cochrane Library, CINAHL, and OVID MEDLINE. After researchers reviewed six different types of articles this guideline was created. After deciphering all of the evidence it is recommended that nurses perform bedside shift to shift report, to increase patient/family satisfaction” (National Guideline Clearinghouse).


• Who were the guideline developers? The guideline developers were staff members at Cincinnati Children 's Hospital Medical Center.

• Were the developers representative of key stakeholders in this specialty (interdisciplinary)? This information was not stated in the guideline.

• Who funded the guideline development? Cincinnati Children 's Hospital Medical Center funded the development of this study and there was no external funding received to complete this guideline.

• Were any of the guideline developers funded researchers of the reviewed studies? None of the guideline developers were funded researchers of the studies reviewed.

• Did the team have a valid development strategy? The strategy was to find evidence to help improve current report processes at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

• Was an explicit (how were the…

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