Essay about How And Why Assessments Are Used

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2.5. How and why assessments are used.

Ongoing data is collected across all key learning areas (KLA’s) to inform teachers and to allow teacher to make judgements. Assessments are graded/marked by teachers making judgement (Marsh, 2010). Data collected from assessments is also used to inform practice and to assist in the planning of future lessons and report to parents during interviews and on report cards. Assessments and reporting are key components of the curriculum planning process (Arthur et al., 2010). This information / data is also given to administration, informing them of learned concepts and each child’s progress and learning development. Assessments can be done during conferencing with student and teacher, with partners, as a whole group and even the whole class. Assessment can take many forms and is certainly much wider that traditional forms of objective tests and essays (Marsh, 2010).

2.6. Standardised v’s Teacher Made assessments

Over the 15 years as a teacher, Kaylene has learnt to see children as individuals and can recognise that not all children can be assessed by standardised assessments, children develop at different rates, not always at the documented age appropriate standards. Piaget’s developmental theory concurs this when stating that “assessments should be based in the student’s individual progress rather than normal standards of same age peers” (Kearns, 2010). For this reason Kaylene feels teacher made assessments just as important as…

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