How Amazon Is The Company 's World Customer Value Essay

1929 Words Jul 20th, 2016 null Page
Amazon became successful worldwide because the company continues to focus on becoming the company’s world customer value leader. The company aligned its sales strategy to position itself as a customer value leader in providing customer service excellence. One example of how Amazon provides customer service excellence is by giving any customer a hundred percent money back guarantee. After a customer purchased a product, the customer is required to return the product within certain day, in order to provide customer satisfaction. Amazon’s customers feel confident while making a purchase fro the company because they are aware that the company will allow them to return the product with no hassle and with a money back guarantee. Another way Amazon provide customer value is by allowing their consumers shop for multiple items while shopping within their own comfort. For example, a customer can shop anywhere and anytime without leaving their home or anywhere they wish to be. “It is the prospect of providing a customer value that gives the corporation purpose, and it is the satisfaction of the customer’s requirements that gives results.” (Day, Moorman, 2010, p. 27) Amazon’s customers feel satisfied making purchases with the company because shopping is convenient and efficient. Another way Amazon provides customer value is by offering multiple information regarding the company’s products/services. While the customer shop, the customer can also learn about any product/service’s…

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