Essay on How Advertising Is All Around Us

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Barbara Tuchman has a small saying about how advertising is all around us. Everywhere we look there is an ad that gives a false image of reality. Advertisements can have a negative effect especially for the younger population. Since ads are always on social media it is very easy for a person to get bombarded by them and persuades an individual to want to purchase the product. The company’s tactic is to capture one’s attention to make them feel like they must have their product. Majority of the time it works too. Advertisements illustrate “pictures of perfection and goals of happiness”, they can lead to a certain “fuzziness of perception”, and have important effects of widespread and pervasive advertising on individuals here in America. Tuchman articulates that advertisements illustrate “pictures of perfection and goals of happiness.” What Tuchman means by this is that advertisements paint a picture perfect image, to sell a product, to make you want to purchase the product and be content afterwards. For example, seeing a young beautiful woman, with a nice fit body, medium length hair, perfect facial features, and full lips advertising a lipstick. For instance, Kylie Jenner launched a lip kit in late November of 2015. Kylie’s lip kits consist of one matter lipstick and one lip liner. The container is clear and black; the clear part shows what color the lipstick is and the black part is the cap with an effect of paint bleeding down the tube. Kylie advertises her lip kits by…

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