How Advertising Affects The World Essay

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Farm Fresh Advertising
The use of advertisements has been and continues to be one of the top ways to promote merchandise. This business is now a multibillion dollar industry and is growing drastically every year. The techniques employed by businesses to grow their profits have only been increasing as humanity dives into an ever more technological age. Advertisements are everywhere you look. You see hundreds every day. Most of these seem to go unnoticed by many, but when you go to the mall, supermarket or gas station don’t you fall toward the goods that are most advertised or well known by habit? This is how people analyze the effectiveness of advertisements. Peoples reaction the first, second, third, hundredth time they see an ad they think they’re just pushing it out of their mind. The reality is when people finally go to the store in search for a product of that type they levitate toward the one item that stands out the most.
The target of this ad was in some way geared toward women because of the placement of the ad within a women’s health magazine. It brings influence to this group by showing how you can enjoy a snack, but maybe not cheat your diet because it is a healthy alternative to eating regular potato chips. One great way to categorize this advertisement would be to say “‘This is no fancy advertisement,’ the ad tries to convince us, ‘this is sincere.’” (Solomon 412) The design of the ad grabs your attention to the ingredients of the chips. The central picture…

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