How Advertisements Are Forced Down The Throats Of Everyday People

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In today’s society advertisements are forced down the throats of everyday people. From endless commercials during televisions shows and YouTube videos, to driving down the high way on bill boards, and even are being flown across the sky by airplanes for beach goers and vacationers. Advertisements have become a main influence on society, commonly pairing their products with stimuli that will hopefully elicit positive emotions or other specific feelings to persuade a buyer (Weiten, 2013, p.269). with the use of classic conditioning, operant conditioning, and observational learning, advertisers are able to both consciously and unconsciously influence what people will buy.
In an advertisement from super bowl commercials in 2014, Scarlett Johansson is featured as a soda stream spokes person. With the use of classical conditioning the advertiser is able to lure in the attention of adults, use of sexuality. By closely zooming in on Scarlett drinking from straw then using suggestive music, and a voice over to reinforce a pressuring sexual feel, this advertisement emits an unconditional stimulant to the viewer. With this classical conditioning response, Scarlett is the unconditional stimulus and the viewer’s subconscious sexual desire is the unconditional response. The Soda stream becomes the neutral stimulant, then when a consumer goes to the store the soda stream become the conditional stimulant, Scarlett Johansson is no longer needed in order for the sexual desire to be felt, and…

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