How A Single Parent Household Is The Head Of The Household Essay

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In this next section of this paper we will be addressing the ways of a single parent household where the mother is the head of the household. It is a lot more common to see a single mother than it is to see a single father. While it is a lot harder to find information on single fathers households according to Douglas B. Downey the author of The School Performance of Children From Single-Mother and Single-Father Families: Economic and Interpersonal Deprivation?, "In 1980 there was just about 616,000 households where the father was the single parent and the mother was not living in the residence with children under the age of 18". This then jumped up to 1,068,000 by the end of that same year. In the 1960 's it was grantee that if a woman becomes pregnant before she was married than two things would have happened. The first thing would be the soon to be parents would have to get married, that called a shotgun wedding. The second thing is that if the mother and father of the child did not marry than she would be condemned and set away in hiding to have the baby than the baby would most likely be adopted my another family to raise. This custom has now become that if a young unmarried woman becomes pregnant and is not married than she will still have the child and raise that child herself but will receive a lot of support from family and friends along the way. She can also receive from the government if that is needed for her. According to Akerlof and Yellen while there…

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