How A Cross Country Meet Goes Essay

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“How much further until the finish line?” During a Cross Country meet you will find yourself asking this question quite a bit. You may think that a 5k is simple work, you’ve never run up and down hills for 30 minutes straight. Though these things may try and keep you down, you just keep pushing ahead until the next mile point. While running you seem to be in a whole new state of mind and determination. All thoughts disappear and all you can do is run. First I will explain how a Cross Country meet goes. The beginning race is the Junior High girls then the Junior High boys. Sometimes the JH boys and girls will race together to make the meet go faster. Although most of the races are separate. The youngsters only have to run either a 2 mile or a 2.5 mile race. Next up is the Varsity girls, which I race in. Our race use to be the same distance as the Middle schoolers, but now we have to run the 5k just like the Varsity Boys. As you probably expected, the Varsity Boys run last. One of the best parts of the meet is cheering on your team mates to sprint harder and faster towards the finish line. It’s almost like you’re in the race with them, trying to pass other runners. After all of the heats are finished, we wait for the results of the best places and times. Now back we have to get back to the race. There’s certain feeling you get before a meet. You can’t quite tell if you are excited or if you want to throw up. Often times, it’s both. The anxiety before the race is just…

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