Houston Hospices ( Accreditedhospicesofamerica ) Essay

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Houston hospices (accreditedhospicesofamerica.com) is a web based resource that provides tips on personal care whose main focus area is the quality of life care of individuals and even comfort. Its target audience is basically every adult who is in such of a personally initiated medical care but who needs direction to do. This is usually associated a certain level of personal fulfilment by such individuals.
The marketing strategies by this web based resource is the integration of its ads with other popular websites such that they can reach out many different people almost all the time depending on how many times these people access these other popular websites. This usually comes out as pop ups in internet browser tabs and it is these pop up links that direct individuals to the main site. This type of marketing is very effective in the sense that web resource viewership depends on people visiting their popular websites and as such get access to this site. It is however limited to computer literate people who access the internet frequently.
In order to improve their marketing, Houston Hospice could develop certain interactive elements in their website such as trivia questions that could engage the viewer. This helps in capturing the viewer’s attention and therefore tries to know more about the site.
An example of a walk in clinic in my community is Wells walk in clinic. Just like the conventional walk in clinics, Wells clinic does not offer appointment for visitations for…

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