Hotel Turnaround : The Human Resources Department Essay

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Hotel Turnaround The human resources department is involved with many important aspects of a business, like staffing, compensation, benefits, and much more. As the new Director of Human Resources for a 150-room, full service hotel in downtown Sheboygan, I am in charge of turning around the hotel. Some urgent tasks include hiring and training new candidates for two open positions, revising the training and incentive programs, and finally, improving the overall morale of the employees. The two positions that I am responsible of hiring for are a Director of Food and Beverage and a Receptionist for an upscale lobby restaurant. The basic process of hiring can be applied to both of these job openings. Frist, I would analyze the positions determining the tasks, duties, responsibilities that the positions require. Then, I would revise the job descriptions for these positions. Job descriptions give clarity and accountability to the job, and they summarize duties and responsibilities. Well-formed job descriptions can be helpful with other aspects, like recruiting, selection, orientation, evaluations, and promotions. After analyzing the position, I would begin recruiting and finding new candidates for the open positions.
Two types if recruiting are internal and external. The advantages of internal recruiting are that it strengthens employees’ morale, cost less, and reduces orientation and training time. The main disadvantage of internal recruiting is that your business may become…

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