Hospitality : Personal Statement On Hospitality Essay

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In this week’s lecture and reading on hospitality, I learned that being a hospitable person is not only about being nice or doing nice things. Hospitality comes from the love of God and that all the things we do in life should bring honor to God. During the lecture, the speaker talked about hospitality. It 's not a personal gain but a connection that we have with God. When he said this it resonated with me. I’ve always seen hospitality as small acts of kindness and attempting to make others feel good. After hearing this lecture, that’s not the only way to be hospitable, it’s about showing people Christ through our acts of kindness. not for personal gain. I now view hospitality as a service to Christ and others. Being hospitable is not a service to me but to God and others around me. Also in the reading, I learned that giving hospitality is more rewarding when helping others with a Christian heart. The reading talked about a married couple taking in a homeless schizophrenic. The homeless man became a part of the family and local community. The couple put their trust in God to show the homeless man hospitality. It was amazing to read a true story about Christian like hospitality. And that being kind to people shouldn’t be for personal but for God. Through the lecture and reading on hospitality, I agreed with the speaker and the author of the story. I agreed that showing hospitality is for Christ and not for self that comes with challenges. In the story, the married couple…

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